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Next-Generation Building Material

Through advanced technologies and unique processing means, AlumiboardTM perfectly combines a non-combustible inorganic HDPE core and fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy skin, resulting in a building material with superior strength and durability. AlumiboardTMcan be tailored to replace or refit conventional building materials and dividers for a variety of livestock applications. AlumiboardTM is non- corrosive, fire retardant and damp resistant for superior bio-security and no-hassle cleaning or maintenance.

Competitive Advantages

AlumiboardTM offers unique and distinctive advantages over conventional divider options. In comparison to commonly-used PVC plates, AlumiboardTM exhibits a considerably stronger and more durable structure. In comparison to other existing metal-lined dividers, AlumiboardTM is lighter, rustproof and more cost-effective.

Product Highlights

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Bio-secure
  • Easily cut with common saws
  • Cost-effective
  • Rustproof


  • Confinement dividers
  • Wall & ceiling panels
  • Creep fencing
  • Finishing fencing
  • Sow stanchions

Variety and Customization

AlumiboardTM is available in three thicknesses making it ideal for a variety of applications. With the use of standard cutting tools, including a circular saw, AlumiboardTM can easily be cut to size onsite.

Standard Size

Prefix Width Length
0.236" (6mm) 48.0" 96.0"
0.276" (7mm) 48.0" 96.0"
0.315" (8mm) 48.0" 96.0"

Get lasting protection from Hansen Ag's open pen gestation.

Hansen Ag's open pen gestation with feeding stanchions uses loose housing pens with shoulder dividers to protect the animal at feeding time. The materials used are heavy duty and suitable for larger sows as we raise heavier pigs through better genetics. The pen layout can be modified upon customer's request and can easily be adapted to existing buildings with stall layouts.

For improved assembly options, Hansen Ag's open pen gestation design is available in both welded and bolted installation methods.

1/ 3.5" square man passes

Heavy duty 3.5" x 3.5" man passes make it safe and easy for employees to walk through the pens to get sows up every day

2/ Stanchions

2" Angle iron frame with 1/2" vertical solid rods available in 18"-24" depths

*Also available with heavy duty 2" square tube frame

3/ SS troughs

A variety of 304 Stainless Steel trough designs are available upon request

4/ E-flowers

Laser cut 'E-flowers' ensure precision installation with 100% accuracy placement and consistency

5/ Swing gates

Easy to use 40" swing gate with full length protected 1/2" solid drop rod

6/ Heavy duty foot plates

1/2"x12"x18" Laser cut foot plates

7/ Vertical rod gating

1/2" Vertical solid rod gating space welded into a 2"x2" square tube frame. Superior design for sow climbing and injury prevention.

*Also available with traditional horizontal solid rods and top angle iron

8/ Feed drop tubes

3" OD feed tubes available in multiple steel finishes and PVC


The Hansen Ag Solutions gestation stall is a bolt-together design which saves costs during installation and maintenance over the product lifetime. Our system includes installation tooling which aids in proper spacing and alignment during the installation process.

Key Features

  • Straight front and sloped front design available
  • Replaceable feed tubes
  • Bolt on top strapping eliminates welding during installation
  • Galvanized finish for increased lifespan
  • Pre-punched top strapping
  • Stainless or galvanized bottom straps available
  • Alternating floor strap reduces cost
  • Solid pipe improves biosecurity
  • Bolt-together design
  • Bi-directional swing gate on front and back
  • Captured rod gates prevents dropped rods in pit
  • Feed tube available as under gate, straight, or in pen
  • Includes drawings and installation tooling


  • 1 1/2" flat steel, 9/16" and 7/8" solid rod
  • 3" schedule 10 feed tube
  • 4" alternating front and rear stainless strapping
  • 7' 6" and 8' standard lengths
  • Available in 22" and 23" widths