Meet the Revolutionary Guaranteed Patented Adjustment

Our click plate is a patented game-changing adjustment that will outlive the life of the barn.

Strongly Built for Sustainable Performance.

Click it and Forget it.

  • 15 Year Warranty

    Click It and Forget It

    The most intuitive and reliable adjustment mechanism on the market. Guaranteed for functionality. longevity, and durability.

  • Instinctive Active Sealed Shelf

    Allows pigs to use their natural rutting instincts to access more feed while preventing feed waste.

  • Nested Mounting Brackets

    Floor mounting brackets are strategically tucked underneath the feed hopper allowing room for standard gate posts.

  • Buy Factory Direct

    Unparalleled Manufacturing Quality

    Made at Riverside Industries in the USA with robotic MIG and spot welding for precision and repeatability every single time.

  • 48" x 48" High Capacity

    Space volume of 17.6 cubic ft (500 liters or 132 gallons) and 740 pounds of feed capacity to eliminate feed outages.

  • 1 year warranty

    Strength & Safety

    The use of double-folded steel provides added strength to the feeder as well as eliminating all sharp edges for animal well-being. A feeder body stronger than the rest.

  • Precision Shelf Adjustment

    1/8" incremental adjustments ranging from fully closed to a full 1.5" opening. We included laser marked settings on the feeder, not a cheap sticker.

  • Wet/Dry

    3 Edsrom water nipples and a water pipe available in a 48" and 55" height. All equipment is pressure tested at our Riverside manufacturing facility.

Performance Benchmarks

Take the next steps to improve your finishing performance.

  • 740 lbs

    Feed capacity to never have an outage.

  • 60% reduction

    in wasted water in the pit compared to a dry feeder.

  • 1,000,000 clicks

    Built to outlast the barn.

Meet the Industry's Most Durable Adjustment

With over one million clicks simulating over 300 years of routine adjustment in a barn... and not a scratch.

15 Year Adjustment Warranty.. Because you deserve it

We back our click plate technology for 15 years.

Barn Tested. Pig Approved.

From wean pigs to market hogs, our feeder is the clear better choice.

Designed by Hansen Ag

Designed working hand in hand with producers on a feeder that is finally zero hassle and long-lasting.

Buy Manufacture Direct

Riverside Industries is the official dealer-manufacture that leverages strong manufacturing capabilities and allows for the most competitive pricing to help improve the bottom line.

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